What does Love even look like?

For myself and I am guessing many of us, we have not had a good blueprint of what a healthy relationship would even look like. I never saw my parents say a nice word to each other and never saw them show affection. Yelling, slamming doors, swearing, co-dependent barter, depression, anger, financial abuse, power play, and storming off on foot or by dangerous racing cars was my blueprint map. The more I realised I do not know much, if anything, about love, the more that truth felt a relief and opens me up to the fact that I will have to study love if I want to get better at it. Truth brings room for growth, denial just leaves us stuck where we are.

It is okay to not know how to love, it doesn’t make us bad people, in fact I think God has an extremely tender, individual affection towards us and our history when we have not been shown how to love, and wants to nurse and tend to us as he guides us to learn about love. However I think we must take responsibility for this truth, accept it inside of us, and make choices in humility to desire to grow in love if we want different results to what our parents mapped.

I am at the very beginning of seeing humility as a friend who can direct me straight into the arms of God. It has taken me 6 years to just begin to start to understand humility and too many mistakes to list, but it feels like one of the most important discoveries of my life. I recommend this series on youtube on humility: 20120614 Interview With Jesus & Mary – Humility S1 (An Introduction) – YouTube

To humble to our errors, to look at what is going on within us INSTEAD of looking at what is going on in the other, to know that any time another stirs negative emotions in us, it is OUR OWN responsibility to feel and release those emotions within, brings me some relief. As then in that process, we are in the driving seat of our own growth, noone else. No dependency. And after we have felt our own stuff that was stirred or triggered, we will know whether we want or need to address the other person or not. Either way the addressing or leaving of the other will be driven by Love as the motive, not by a need to avoid emotions within us or draw from their feelings in addiction. I have rarely been truly humble in my life but the rare moments I am, I feel connected to me, close to God and happy inside. When I am defensive, stressed, avoiding emotions I am a bit of a nightmare for myself and those around me. I am currently avoiding a ton of grief so I need to grow this fledgling relationship with humility.

I see humility as a great agency for change. And I crave change.

In fact I am going to create an ongoing list of all the great things I am finding humility to be:

  • Brings me straight away closer to God, as soon as I humble I straight away feel Gods hand closer to mine, Gods presence and breath closer.
  • Straight away it puts me in a place of less judgement, more equality and much more compassion for others. I ADORE how God has created humility and all the laws surrounding it to always bring us into a more equal loving space. When I am not humble and looking at my own shit first I am either in a place of arrogance or self put down and both feel horrendous. It is in that space where we get harder and harsher to those around us. In a humble state we are automatically softer to those around us as we are so aware that our pain and unfelt grief drive so many of our own actions and so we know it is the same for others. We go from being hard on those around us to being a lot more soft and relaxed.
  • It brings so much quicker growth and self development.
  • It feels like a different entity and universe compared to self punishment and it is beautiful to feel that difference on the rare occasion I meet humility in a tight embrace.

For anyone struggling with humility in relationships with others, family, partners, this is a stunning set of questions from Jesus on What Does Love Do in relationships:

“I will ask from my own perspective:
What would my love for myself motivate me to do for myself?
What would my love for my partner motivate me to do for them?
What do I feel my partners love for themselves motivate them to do for themselves?
What do I feel my partners love for me motivate them to do for me?

My partner will ask from his or her own perspective:
What would my love for myself motivate me to do for myself?
What would my love for my partner motivate me to do for them?
What do I feel my partners love for themselves motivate them to do for themselves?
What do I feel my partners love for me motivate them to do for me?”

Full pdf linked below

20050323-1700-1700-jesus-dt-wrt-hrpart–What Love Does in Partner Relationships–en-eletter.pdf (divinetruth.com)


Inspired by ‘Death with Dignity’ by Sufjan Stephens & Tommy Rivs and Steph’s writing

“Spirit of my silence, I can hear you
But I’m afraid to be near you
And I don’t know where to begin

Somewhere in the desert, there’s a forest
And an acre before us
But I don’t know where to begin….

I see the signal searchlight strike me
In the window of my room
Well I got nothing to prove
Well I got nothing to prove

I forgive you, mother, I can hear you
And I long to be near you
But every road leads to an end

Your apparition passes through me
In the willows
Five red hens, you’ll never see us again
You’ll never see us again”

Extract from Sufjan Stephens song “Death with Dignity”

Song on a playlist by Tommy Rivs who had a near death experience he discussed on Rich Roll’s podcast, and which him and  his lovely wife Steph (@Steph_outside) write about online.



My own thoughts:

Sufjan rings in my headphones.

I relate

A life seeking from without, too afraid to go within

Too afraid to quieten and still the soul

Stillness highlights the painful rumblings that are held in a fold


Its possible to pick a banjo so softly it sounds like a mandolin

Like when Corelli floated his soldiers fingers across his


Maybe it is then possible for me to know Grace and music

Despite a life of chaos and approving


Its possible to excavate the soul with an archaeologist’s brush touch Jewel said

But how do you calm a terrified soul gently?


How can I calm the raging want to open up my ribcage, and show my heart

So that I don’t feel the need to explain, overshare, or withdraw

But instead know that one human sees me and I see them (as of course their skin has been spliced and ribcage has been opened up too)

No need for explanation.

This is the beauty of the true Gods Way, sensitisation so real, words become null and void. How relieving that would be.


I hear this is more what its like in the spirit world.

I long for that to be honest.

I sang so loudly “I don’t want another fake conversation, I want to know the guts of your heart” in the city centre, and more people related than those who shudder at my open ribcage. For that I am filled with faith.




Why don’t you be you, and I’ll be me

James Bay – “Let It Go” (Live at WFUV) – YouTube


This is just a very random post, I have so much I want to write and say but have just been so busy deep diving into my post graduate course in Music Therapy.

This song really does depict what I feel true love is, wishing with your whole heart the other enjoys fully being themselves. I long to have the kind of relationship where my man fully desires me to flourish into everything God made me to be, and where I wish that for him too, with my whole heart.

No ties, no chains, no threats, no control, no barter, just pure unadulterated encouragement, support and love of their flourishing, individuation, self actualisation and growing towards God.

In the meantime I hope you are enjoying becoming and discovering yourselves wherever in the world you are reading this from.

With my love, an essay procrastinating Bex x



The Sun does not ‘help’ anyone, it just is the Sun

The Sun does not ‘help’ anyone, it just is the Sun

These words led me to a full on mini breakdown.

They were spoken to me by someone who reflects to me personally an angel in human form, a kind, gentle woman.

I was stressing SO much about trying to help and caretake everyone. I was/am fucking exhausted. I have no boundaries and I would rather fix others than myself. I have the false belief if I can help those who attack me see more I can manage and control the situation and imminent attack. I believe if I can try and fix everything I wont need to soften to the terror that I caused all their pain and strife. Trust me this doesn’t work, I am  exhausted from trying.

What does seem to work though is using prayer and truth to stir up emotions, then, with God’s helping hand and heart, release the emotions as much as possible, linking them to our childhood, accessing our hurt child where possible.

Softening to the grief of the attack instead of trying to manage and control it is something I simply have not been doing but now want to try, because I have found for certainty that managing and controlling only exacerbates pain, where as surrendering to overwhelming emotions, relieves suffering instantly for my soul and all involved.

adore  this sentence ‘The Sun does not ‘help’ anyone, it just is the Sun.’ The Sun isn’t trying to help anyone or be anything for anyone else, it simply is the sun and by being what it was created to do, it shines. It gives us vitamins, minerals, warmth.

Most importantly it lights up the whole world by just being itself, and that light naturally reaches into every area of darkness in a constant humble cycles of sunrise and dawn. Giving us the opportunity to see vast vistas of beauty and know periods of rest and revival and aliveness. The sun gives us an opportunity to look up to the sky and always see cracks of light through clouds and storms, reminding us perfectly that God is always there trying to love us as much as we let in. 


What is your gift capable of lighting up if you allow yourself to shine, despite it all?

How will your Soul’s sun reflect qualities of our humble and gentle God?

What is your nature? Your gifts God gave specifically to you? What can your Soul’s Sun light up in this world? What parts of your own darkness or earths darkness can your gift or sunshine light up?


We all have a gift of magnitude within us, whyyyyy can’t we help each other shine instead of attack the soft qualities of God that peek out from those brave and vulnerable simply because they stir emotions we are unwilling to feel. Is it not that any emotional pain is better than that pain of doing that to another?

Sometimes I fucking hate being on earth, sometimes I fucking love it. Yet the sun is just chilling being up in the sky and shining. I aspire to that level of both shine and chill hahaha <3


Here is Jesus’ stunning talk on the topic “What is your Treasure”

20121216 The Human Soul – What Is Your Treasure P1 – YouTube


Here is my wee song on the subject to myself and for anyone who may need a reminder like me (on the daily lol)

Stream What did you put inside my soul God? by Fawn_Music | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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Words from Jesus – Noone has to love you

One of the first things I ever heard in terms of personal feedback from Jesus was the most profound , pertinent and stunning sentences I have ever heard and something I still struggle with. I wanted to share it here in case it helps you too, he said with kindness:

Noone has to love you Bec.”

It may sound so simple but I feel the earth shattering profundity of this sentence, if we were to actually release all our addictions to live it, would change the whole course of the world.

It is such a good truth to hold onto in the back of my mind and heart when trying to release demands or feel through addictions. This simple truth could stir up every addiction if truly examined with our hearts.

The sad fact seems to be, the more enmeshment set up in childhood, the more demands we end up having. Jesus also said to me that because my issues with my father is my primary enmeshment, it will take a concerted effort to break it. Enmeshment certainly ain’t no joke. The addictions that stem from it are all self involved, evil and taking.

I feel I am failing miserable at cementing this into my heart so am also writing it on here in the hopes it will remind me!



The very thing I want, I ravage for, I thought I want, I don’t know why I want,

is killing me.


It’s ripping my heart from my chest,

the beat from my heart,

the blood from my atrial,

the life force from my being.


I still can’t put my finger on the exact feeling but its full of the desperate need to be liked for fear others are recognising this inherent problem I was seen as for my nature as a child. A demand for approval & validation, a demand that love means having things done for me and being ‘falsely nursed’ by an arrogant man like I am their pathetic captive, or falsely nursing them to ‘earn’ their love. This is exactly what my father did for me in order for me to remain his doting puppet. I now feel mens pain more than my own as that is what I was taught by my father to connect to his pain and have no sense of self.


I have wanted it more than I wanted life,

more than love

more than productivity,

and worst of all I have wanted it more than you dear God.


I feel shocked, stupefied, fucked up, zoned out…lost,

I have chased small jobs to stay small,

with no tall responsibilities,

feeling incapable every hour of every day and not knowing why.


Always looking up to arrogant people:

please like me and I’ll be able to breath again….just like me…please…. I know I’m desperate but … please?


I have chased this like the snow sweeps mountains until they are covered, I am fully iced white now.

Frozen in shock from an aimless, painful life chasing you. Even the black, tarred, poisonous, noxious addictive destructive force of you seems more alluring than the golden light of God, Love and music. What in the hell?


You are my biggest lie, built on a foundation of lies, told through immature, selfish and taking eyes.

The truth of you I despise, yet its only the truth of you which can free me from a life of disassociation and guise.

Tupac said it best; real eyes, realise, real lies.


My life is passing me by, I’m nearly 35,

am I going to give my life to this addiction till theres no soul left sparkling within my eye?


What am I doing to help others and share my gift? I might as well be dying as this is a slow death chasing you,

this elusive empty black non existent feeling,

so bad for me, its killing me and yet… I want it over the glory of you God, how does that make you feel?


Am I Mad? a lunatic? most certainly so.

How to change it? I don’t really know

but if I go to God I will be shown.

If I go to God the whole world will open up from the unknown.

If I go to God the world will open up softly and boldly.


Maybe I need to retreat to les chartreuse, my spiritual home

away from everyone.


God rid my body of all things unpure – rid me of my wanting of this tar I pray


Written November 2020


The greatest entitlement of them all

One thing I have learnt is you can’t love someone to love you.

The worst thing possible on this earth is to want something from another, especially love – the most precious graceful gift. How wrong and entitled was I taught, love I know nothing about you, I know you not. God will you teach me how to love?

Wanting or needing anything from anyone else is a true form of prison. I would sooner be locked up for 20 years with a heart free from demand than keep living free like this, with a heart wrestling others to the ground with unspoken needs and wants. We all exhaust ourselves into crippling old age trying to extrapolate a feeling from another’s precious heart. Missing the whole damn point of life, to give our love. Fuck.

The pinnacle of worstness, ‘la pire,’ is to discourage anyone from ever being anything other than their truest, fullest self.

Imagine that we, as humans do that to one another, discourage each others full beauty and sunlight of potentiality just so it doesn’t challenge us within, or worse, because we would rather a feeling from them than care for their fullest soul expression.

How debased can we get as humans when God wants us to stretch our unique and glorious wings and shine, and take only joy in others doing the same. I want to encourage that in others and children, even if I am too much of a coward to do it myself.

Written November 2020


The Great Loss

The loss of it all

Every dance move springing with joy, suppressed to still sadness, rigid foetal position in bed worrying.

Every joyous outburst of song silenced to worry if women would think me too much.

Every care free bite of food now a guilt ridden stress as my body belongs to a torturous mixture of wanting and detesting mens gaze and avoiding womens scorn, criticism or worst of all competition.

Every desire to write, act, dance and sing reduced to morbid self loathing at the loss of it all, the worry of it all, the confusion of my being being wrong and if its not wrong what does that mean?


I have seen glimpses into gentle family homes and each time I needed to eat bread to suppress the sadness it brought up.

People like Danielle and Bonnie exist in this world and I barely can believe it.

Who would I have been with them as mothers? We would have talked about you God.


I think the only people that have truly known my heart are my fellow writers of sad music, their allowance of minor strings I will always be grateful for. Thank you.

I think the only people that truly know me are characters in films Ive devoured at 2am in the dark, allowed to cry, mourn, feel along with them as none of that was allowed in my childhood where power play and derision ruled the air as much as beauty, tranquillity and real conversation ruled Elliots Itallian home.


I know you know me God but you know me so well I barely dare go to you, you will tell me so much, with so much love that has been void my whole life and I will buckle at the loss of it all and the total, utter loss of self.

Lost to such insanely futile things, losing time, irreplaceable time for strangers who I don’t know and they don’t know me.


Oh God, The great regrettable loss of it all.

L’ame évaporée, my soul is evaporating in front of my eyes every day I avoid engaging with my real self and you my Lord, my one true hope, steadfast shield and love. My truth, my compass, my sail and my arrowhead.


Theres almost none of me left

And why and who did I give it up for?

People who emotionally abused me

and people who have never known me and will never care to know me.


And yet I choose worrying about them over the grand scheme and scape of infinite potential under your wings God.


As someone reinforces to me that all of me is wrong, the haunting thought keeps me up more nights than I care to admit to any living soul. Honestly.

Was it all worth it?



Now my mum is disappearing, she expresses the importance and joy music brings,

and all I can muster is shallow breath thinking of all the times I was beaten down for my music expression and guilted for not helping torture those poor animals on that horrible farm or clean up their house mess, physical and emotional.

I am exhausted from a life taking care of others emotional pain while believing mine are so wrong or should not be there. I use every droplet of myself until I am wrung out dry and why?

Fuck you Rob and Gill and your completely unexamined life that led to so much pain living behind my eyes.

I hate farms and maybe I now hate God’s beautiful animals, I can’t go near them without bursting into sneezes that suffocate down the turmoil of emotions from a lifetime of seeing them being used.

Every conversation at dinner was about the sheep and cows and I yearned for anyone to say one gentle artistic word.

If I mentioned the word soul I would be laughed at, and rather than see that as wrong or sad I feel and believe wholeheartedly that I am wrong and sad.

 I remember having a break down about the meaning of life and whether we had a soul over a roast chicken dinner

I learnt my artistic nature was wrong, self absorbed and fucked, now I truly am fucked.


I want to retreat to you my dear, true and perfect piano, but your keys bring up and echo sadness I dare allow.

I must allow it and let your harmonies fully absorb my grief until the beauty rings out my sadness as the sound waves vibrate the pain away into the unknown. So that every space in my heart is only left with sound waves of God, sound waves of music and ripples of truth.

My soul is starving for truthful, honest expression that cares not what others think. Like me, hate me it will be the truth and it will be artful and alive, wings splayed, no longer curled up.

Written November 2020

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