To the reader, my hope is for this site to be a place of refuge for you away from this often lonely and judging world. Music has always been my best and truest friend and has helped me get through the hardest times of my life.

Last Summer, thanks to the gift of reading poetry by my friend Mary, who is a truly incredible writer (One of Mary’s poems) I solidified my love for poetry also. Without her love and example of writing the most stunning poetry & truth I have ever come across, I doubt this website would exist.

There have been so many times in the dead of night where reading poems, others thoughts or listening to others music encouraged me to reach my hand up to hold onto Gods and let some of my emotions out. This is why my site is called expiating, from the Divine Truth teachings I am learning that by expressing and feeling our emotions out of our bodies and soul (via yelling, crying, trembling, however they come out unique to you) they can actually leave us. This is true healing, and truth is the doorway to allowing emotions to be released, as truth stirs the emotions inside of our soul, in what I find to be an incredible process.

I thought in writing about my pain, anger and shame they would only increase, but what happens is I feel some emotions before, during or after I write or sing and then that emotion does not exist as forcefully in me. It leaves as I feel, which is a stunning process God created for us and one which children do naturally.

A lot of the poetry & music is written from my injured & hurting place, when I feel angry or ashamed etc. As a society we are taught to suppress, deny or hide these emotions, this only leads them to fester and affect every area and thought in our life. The aim is not to wallow in the bad feelings and stay in a place of blame, but rather, to feel the honest emotion that is stuck inside of us and fully express and feel it out of us until the emotion is gone.

Feeling an emotion with the desire for it to be released is a completely different experience than staying in an emotion in a justified place. It is always the motivation and intention that matters behind anything. Many of us are afraid to confront our families or those who have hurt us and caused our emotional damage. My desire is to become free from my family emotional pain and trauma so that I can function in life as a kind, caring, unjudging person and discover the real, true me who God created me to be. I do not want to blame and chastise them as I am fully aware that I would pass on just as much, if not more damage to my children at this stage. It is sad that we are judged, and feel wrong, for excavating and examining our childhoods when this is the way to become more loving, happy people. I believe that as more evidence continues to prove this is the way to heal in every way, that it will become the norm to examine and expiate and discuss pains from childhood. I deeply desire to contribute to this research via music therapy clinical practice and Divine Truth documented experimentation.

I encourage you to write, sing, yell, tell a close friend, tell God or even just tell the night sky your truths that you are holding in, as it is a true relief and the doorway to being able to feel what needs to be healed. I believe if we express with the aim of encouraging our emotions and sorrow to leave us, this will make more room for hope and love.

About Me:

My name is Rebecca and I am in my mid thirties, from a very small Island off the West Coast of Scotland called Islay.

I studied International Relations at Edinburgh University, and EU politics in Grenoble, France. I then moved to London and was a musician and office administrator, amongst many other things.  I was always searching and seeking, though was brought up and remained an atheist until at the age of 28 a friend shared The Divine Truth video  Secrets of the Universe

Whilst I really enjoyed the videos, I didn’t really get it and it was not until I went to an Assistance Group in sunny Australia in 2016 that my real love for Divine Truth and the start of a fledgling relationship with God began. I was given lots of feedback about my unloving condition at that Assistance Group, and the unloving ways I was treating my partner, some of which I wrote about in my song “My Divine Truth Experience.” That direct loving feedback, given to me from such an un judging, loving, compassionate person as Jesus and Mary, who knew how and why my injuries were created, was the biggest gift I have received in my life, and the truth I needed to start making different choices.

I feel it is so important when watching the Divine Truth videos or attending Assistance Groups that we leave our judgements at the door, as it is a place where people come to learn about love, be vulnerable about their flaws, and mistakes, and learn how to grow. The judgement I received from others for being open about my errors and unloving choices, along with my self judgement nearly steered me back off course.

My last 5 years, aside from a trip to Oz mentioned below, have been pretty quiet and insular whilst also working hard in office jobs earning money and learning more about personal responsibility. I feel it was time I very much needed to go inwards and start to try and develop a relationship with God, start to try and figure out what, why and where the pain I was in came from, and to start to seriously look at how I was treating others and how they were treating me.

In March 2019 I went back out to Australia to an Assistance Group and to take part in the Gods Way Volunteer Selection Programme God’s Way Blog on The Volunteer Selection Programme

I passed this programme and wish to volunteer for God’s Way as I sort out some of my personal responsibility issues and experiment with starting my own creations in the UK so that I am adding to and not taking from God’s Way resources.

I now am passionate about using music and art to try to help others to connect to their real selves and their true emotions going on inside, and heal from their own childhood trauma and aches and pains. Most importantly as I learn, I would love to share these stunning truths that Jesus and Mary are delivering, of how to connect to God, receive love from God and how we can learn to let God teach us how to love and grow.

The earth and all of us are suffering and I believe with every fibre of my being that The Divine Truth teachings are a Gift from God and an opportunity for us to lift the hellish earth condition up towards the Heavens.

Isaiah 34:4 And the heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll

I believe if we follow The Way, as taught and presented by Jesus and Mary, this passage from the bible can become a reality. I don’t know about you, but I am just fed up of living on this hellish earth, being in hell and feeling like hell. I want to choose The Narrow Way towards heaven and light.