There is too much art that has impacted my heart to list, it would take years, and years, and years.

But I would like to list some music, films, art, poetry from others that has deeply touched my heart, helped me feel and helped me connect to my passion of music and writing.


If you have an aversion to morose music, look away now! I have a heart and damn deep love for miserable music, the more miserable the better. In person I am fairly happy when around others as I love people, but inside my headphones, you can guarantee that whatever is playing will be in a minor key, probably with strings, and the lyrics will be sad. Even on a brisk jog my headphones will still remain depressed.

My mum would not let sad music be played, sadness be felt and only played loud happy music. I suspect having a daughter who sang, played and listened to strictly misery was a law of attraction for her and means I need to feel some grief. If you ever catch me posting funk or disco music you will know I moved through something. But for now – join me in some pure unadulterated misery 🙂

Bon Iver:

Bon Iver’s music changed my life. Every Album, from ‘Emma forever ago,’ to ’22 amillion’ came out during pivotal moments of my life and helped me get through them. I don’t know a musician who has impacted my life in such a way as Justin Vernon and I will be eternally grateful for his music.


If the soulmate journey or love could be expressed in a song, one lyric, a couple of beats it is in this for me:

“never keep your eyelids clipped, and hold me for the pops and clicks”

So often we throw each other away if our pops and clicks, or errors and injuries are not to the others taste. But damn imagine if we held each other for the pops and clicks? No judgement, just warm holding through our errors and strife.

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago | A Take Away Show – YouTube

Bon Iver – Flume | A Take Away Show – YouTube


Damien Rice:

If ever a song depicted the misery and awful after affects of engaging in a co-dependent relationship it is this for me: (I told you strictly misery!! You better not be smiling!)

Rootless Tree


Helena Martin:

Not only has Helena been a lovely friend to me, but her art really showed me how someone’s expression and nature can come out via their passion. One of the first pieces of art Helena sent me of hers as a picture online, was a painting of a heart, bruised and hurting and oozing, with the word TRUTH wrapped around it in capital letters. If someone could have painted her nature that was it, and I felt a strong emotional reaction and love for the piece.

Her story of moving away from Grafitti towards paintings that expressed more of her real, pure nature, moved me deeply. It inspired me and I related in my own way coming from a place of doing music for attention in London, towards (sometimes) doing music to literally help heal my soul and others.

I wish her murals were all around the UK but for now they are mostly available to see in Austin Texas and online.

Below is her art website and blog:



Mary Luck:

I so hope Mary publishes some books of her entire works one day as there are so many beautiful, stunning poems I feel will help anyone who reads them with an open heart.