This song represents the sound I wish my childhood was.

“I do not wish to hurt you, I do not wish to numb you, I do not want to change you, you are whoever you are.”

So often as a trainee Music Therapist I hear people describe the sound of their childhood as loud, unpredictable, terrifying.
Daniel Stern wrote of how a babies inherent musicality moves and softens and matches when the mother sings a lullaby and mirrors and encourages the babies movements and sounds. It is so indescribably sad to think of how few babies get that true inherent lullaby in every sense as they enter and grow in this world.

How would you describe the sound of your childhood? the song and melody of your home you experienced as you enter and grew in this world? What do you wish that song was? And how does that contrast feel?

I will let Rachel take it from here: