At a point where I was so low,

getting lost in my head.

Churning around false truths,

wallowing in false dread.


A beautiful kind bird swooped down,

Truth written on her wings.

In bright bold colours the word stretches out,

as she speaks honesty naturally sings.


She’s been busy breaking free from her cage,

and in service is showing so many of us her new found ways.

Brushing her gentle feathers of truth against my worry and stress with her Grace.

Showing me how to find my own key to my dark, lonely cage.


Though there are so many chains there that we need to still break,

and I know many errors I will inevitably make.

I will always hold dear and remember this lovely exchange.


And after absorbing the truths and resting in Gods Nature Reserve.

I want to pass it on to my fellow birds as they swoop and swerve,

So they can learn to soar and save them from some of my mistakes,

in the same way Elo Truthbird offered her knowledge, it is giving me faith.


I want every conversation or bird song with my brother sister birds,

to be an empowering passing on of the keys.

Instead of commiserating in error and injury,

I want it to go more the way my dear sister’s showing me.


I just pray that my darling sister Turthbird,

can allow herself the same attention, care and Grace,

that she is showing so many others as she gifts them the chance to hear truth, and so awake.

I pray that she will swoop and swirl and cry with God, releasing whats left of her restraints.

And under his wings she will find refuge, in amongst any of her life’s pains.


Because this bird deserves to fly so utterly, totally free,

free from any gaslighting, neglect, abuse or agony.

Free from abdicating herself and all of her needs.

Free to serve when she wants and fly just for her, in the knowing, it is ok ‘to just be me.’


Written 11/09/2020 After a phone call with Elo