Hey Little Bird




Hey little bird, who broke your wings?

You used to fly so high, you used to always sing.

Hey little bird, who broke your trust?

What made your feathers freeze with fear, left your wings collecting dust?


Gods lifting you, with so much love,

God’s hearing you, all you have to do is ask for love.


Hey little bird, who broke your wings?

You used to fly so high, you used to always sing.

Hey little bird, God made your soul

Ready to heal and so very beautiful.


Gods lifting you, with so much love,

God’s hearing you, all you have to do is ask for love.

So soar into the light

Your soul has purpose and wants to fly.


Hey little bird, who broke your wings?

You used to fly so high, you used to always sing.


Written partly early 2019 and finished January 2021


Dear Truth

Truth my best friend,

my breaker of chains.

I wish I had known you more for most of my days.


I wish I’d been your best friend and partner in crime,

I wish we’d held hands as I walked and always been entwined.


You’re setting me free, breaking me from my pains and my chains.

You are helping me be wild and free but in the realest of ways.


It’s overwhelming and shocking, all these lies I’ve been taught.

Often times I find myself broken, holding you on the floor.

But your magic within, your strong honest sword,

cuts straight through the bullshit that’s been keeping me wrought.


I was a captive to lies, a slave to power play so abusive,

it turned me from me, into an addict caught using.

You’ve come into my life and are making me true again.

No more hard heart, no more pretending seducing.

I stumble and fall backwards, make mistakes and self destruct.

But nothing can shake the fact I’ve felt the beauty of life, with you in my hand’s clutch.


You broke through the ice, shattered the confusion.

You help show me what is good and what is mud sinking in delusion.


I was in cycles and cycles and cycles of pain.

Destroying myself and others around me again.


I lost myself to dead end jobs, seeking approval from mum,

if I stay small maybe then she will not tell me that my me is too much.


Lies spoke ‘you are beneath, look up to her ways,’

even if they make no sense her power always reigned.


The lies told me I’m a fuck up, a show off, a clown.

A flirty too tall girl, born seeking a crown.


Inherently wrong, inherently bad.

Inherently awful, annoying when sad.


I’ve hated this hell, this derision this torture.

Before I knew you I invited it and women accepted in plethora.


Truth I love and adore you, I honour and care.

I need to learn more of you, you are so abundant to share.


You make everything right.

You make everything good.

You are intrinsically bright.

Your are intrinsically just so good.


Truth when I don’t know you,

when I break from your hand.

When I’m confused and in doubt,

I feel I’m wading in sinking sands.


I feel lost without you,

I don’t know where to turn.

You pull me out from the swamps.

Rescue me from that Islay boggy burn.


Truth please stay by my side.

Please hold onto my hand.

Please walk with me in struggles,

I will seek you out when I stand.


You connect me to me.

Connect me to God.

You are the way and the channel,

to all that is holy when I’m lost.


I cant believe I’ve never really known your stunning powerful Grace.

Cant believe we’ve been so fissured, arrogant men took your place.


The loss from your hand,

feels so sad and so real.

I became a puppet to dad,

my soul he very nearly did steal.


But Truth you came along,

like  a best friend when drowning.

Speaking sense with such love,

giving hugs that have hope.


I want to learn to honour you more.

And let you help me reconnect my sorrow to my soul.

I will cling to you in the shallows,

to bring me back to my parent, my God.


Thank you for being there for me,

you are my one truest love.



Written January 2021


God’s Way Organisation Website


An Excerpt taken from the God’s Way website as to what God’s Way Organisation is about:

“God’s Way is a non-profit organisation established in 2016.

Our vision is to provide practical, scientifically proven solutions to the physical, emotional and spiritual problems faced by humankind.

We do this through the development and gifting of systems, services and concepts that are effective, efficient, equitable, innovative and sustainable and which serve not only the needs of humans but also support all other aspects/elements of God’s established natural system.

We seek to scientifically prove that God’s Truth is universal and benefits all of humanity, that God’s Love is a real substance that can be obtained by any person who desires it and to show that systems and creations designed and implemented in harmony with both God’s Love & Truth are not only sustainable but automatically lead to more peace, harmony and joy in all living creatures.

Some of our core values include the equal treatment of all people and we believe that truth should be available to everyone who desires it. Because of this we provide all information and services for free.

We are not aligned or affiliated with any one specific religious organisation or religious faith.”


Mopping up – full time shift, night shift, life shift

Give me a sad man

And I will make a career out of tending to his pain.

Have no doubt that I will abdicate any ounce of self respect, self love or purpose.

I am willing to be abused and accrue any ounce of shame.


My eyes will only see the blood leaking from his heart.

It will glisten and cry out to me “it is your job to save me, I am the river of your worth – Drink.”

And I will drink, and gulp and drown.


Written December 2020



I feel nothing without you.

But when you are around

unless I’m pleasing you, I’m thrown to the ground.

I’m terrified of your displeasure,

And so I bend and serve,

I bent so much my back broke,

yet you still demand what you feel you deserve.


I feel I am coming out of a nightmare,

that has been 35 years long.

Angry, pleasing or selling my soul

never singing my own true song.


I want you to be around me,

make me feel safe and sound.

Shade me from women’s judgements.

Save me from feeling my own corruption.


And yet when I am around you,

I just hold my breathe and freeze.

I’m waiting in anticipation for what it is from me you will need.

Paralyzed frozen yet needy,

numb and all shook up,

terror right under the surface

unfelt grief keeping me stuck.


All of this started because my father wants me as his own.

Emotional incest stunted my heart and robbed me of my  growth.

And in the cruelty of it all I am the one punished, for trying to save my soul.

So here I am in limbo, stuck doing nothing & feeling small,

I need to serve you, make you happy, or I know I’m worth nothing at all.


November 2020


Mary Magdalene’s Blog

Mary is the most honest and beautiful writer I have known. Her writing, honest sincere words and kindness have quite literally changed my life, opened me up to my own souls passions and also helped me feel what love from a women is. She wants me to be fully me and wants everyone to be fully them, this to me, is love.

I believe if everyone in the world wrote with as much honesty as Mary our world would rapidly change. Can you imagine sincere, investigative, expression being printed in the media instead of the fear mongering, consumerist jargon we consume in todays society?!

Mary, thank you for opening my world up from your own courageous excavations of your soul.



Eloisa Lytton-Hitchin’s Website & YouTube on her findings experimenting with Gods Way, Divine Truth.



Eloisa’s YouTube Channel


Eloisa’s website and youtube channel are fascinating. Elo is undertaking very loving, courageous and humility-filled experiments to start repairing pains of love going on within herself, her family and with her children. I feel like family issues, disagreements, childhood trauma from family life etc are the root causes of so much of our pain in adult life. Elo is setting about changing this for herself and giving this opportunity for change and healing also to her children and I encourage anyone interested in healing familial issues to have a read or watch.


Nothing Gentle Survived That Farm

Nothing gentle survived that farm,

lambs were drowned, deer were shot.

Baby bunnies and hares mowed down at silage time,

baby calves stuck at their mothers hips from too much rich draft.


Nothing gentle survived that farm,

only screams and shouts and slamming doors…so many slamming doors.

Raging, ragged, angry mum,

draining, demanding, dehumanising dad.


Nothing gentle survived that farm,

apart from you Tessa, and your warm caring paws and soft mats of long hair.

But you were of no use to them,

cuddles, love and care seemingly so disposable, insignificant and useless.

Why didn’t you chase sheep, perform and be vicious like they demanded?

Somehow you stayed warm, my only teacher of warmth, I miss you.


Nothing gentle survived that farm,

no gentle breeze, only roaring gales.

Power cuts matching the black energy surges,

broken plates and broken sugar bowls.


Nothing gentle could survive that farm

Bonnie was traumatised, I read her poems.

She was not worth your time but to me she taught me more in a day than you have ever about love.

An inferior human to you, a living angel to me.


Nothing gentle survived that farm.

Remember when I tried to have a gentle conversation querying God with Tom and Danielle

You sneered and ridiculed me like I was a leper you looked down on,

All I wanted was to ask about God without being torn apart.

They didn’t stand up for me but I knew they felt the destruction coming to me.

Danielles apartment in Paris and the trip to see Monet sticks within and stirs all of the could have beens.


Nothing gentle survived that farm.

I was so desperate for a rest,

from your emotional demands.

I’d clean every inch of the blackened kitchen,

scrubbing the table legs that the dogs had desperately gnawed in frustration;

I knew their feeling.

Sugary cereal would numb me out

And watching neighbours for those 20 minutes of peace

Until we heard the door….

You would yell out and we would all come running

To service you….our captor, boss and King.


Written April 2020

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