All you see me as is breasts and a hole

Not really a person, let alone a soul

All you see me as is a person to make you feel good

This is not about me, fuck you, pass me the food.


All you see me as is fairly dim and stupid

No brain, no heart, no mind, barely a human

All of my notes inside my throat

Mean nothing to you, wrap your hands around me till I choke.


All of my heart beats in rhythm to music

Yet I am just your puppet, you are my cupid

Should I never sing my own song?

Write my own melody?

Would I never know God and all of Gods plans for me?


Instead, should I really just bow down

And serve your superior arrogant crown?

Join that farm of destruction, tear everyone down?

Wade around in your shit till I’m brown?

Abdicate myself to you till I’m fully drowned?


Written May 2020


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